This is my daily life log.

Self Introduction

* Note for myself: this is the my first trial post, don’t remove this article and make it unpublished. Otherwise, the build is going to be failed as you know.

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This article is the note for myself to remember topics for self-introduction in each situation such as casual situation, business, and conference. I avoid writing what I have done in the past here.

I will update below keywords when I remember.

Self introduction template

1) I’m 〇〇. 2) I’m doing 〇〇. 3) I’m interested in 〇〇.

1. Name
  • Use english name whenever I speak english.
  • Use japanese name whenever I speak japanese.
2. Doing
  • Software Developments by Python
  • Playing with Google Cloud and AWS
  • Improvements of sleeping experiments
  • Bulk up
  • Exploring the most delicious pasta recipe
  • Exploring the most flavorful cold brew coffee
  • Sauna
3. Interests
  • Conversation with people having different background
  • The area between data science and engineering
  • Ring
    • payment ring
    • college ring
    • health care ring
  • Distributed Computing
  • Micro service architecture which has high traffics
  • World histories
  • Online learning systems
  • American philosophy
  • Learning analytics and learning science